Holocaust survivor, Herman Broder (Ron Silver), is living in New York City and wrestling with post-war depression. Herman is married to Yadwiga (Margaret Sophie Stein) but also having an affair with Masha (Lena Olin), a married woman. To complicate matters further, Tamara (Anjelica Huston), his first wife who was believed to be killed in a concentration camp, resurfaces in America. "Enemies, A Love Story" is a portrait of life, love, and loss among a man and three women in his life.
An unconventional undercover cop and a Lakota Indian begrudgingly join forces to track down and seek revenge against a savage murderer. Bonded by a joint quest, both are hunting and being hunted by the same adversaries – an army of criminals and the entire Philadelphia police force.
Elliot Mantle (Jeremy Irons) is a successful gynecologist who works alongside his identical twin, Beverly Mantle (Jeremy Irons). Elliot is notorious for developing intimate relationships with his patients and giving the women to Beverly when he loses interest. Beverly develops strong feelings for a patient, Claire Niveau (Genevieve Bujold). But when she accidentally deceives him, Beverly spirals out of control, slipping into a state of madness.