Kevin Costner, Kurt Russell, Courteney Cox

R | 2001

Action  Comedy  Crime

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3000 Miles to Graceland

Crime is King

3000 Miles to Graceland poster

125 min

A skilled band of criminals gang together with a goal to get rich at the 2001 International Elvis Convention in Las Vegas.

Dressed to the nines as flawless Elvis impersonators and armed with enough ammo and electric gadgets to easily knock off any establishment, it’s no surprise when, at the last minute, the deal goes bad.

Directed By:

Demian Lichtenstein

Written By:

Richard Recco, Demian Lichtenstein


Kevin Costner, Kurt Russell, Courteney Cox, Christian Slater, Kevin Pollak, David Arquette, Jon Lovitz


Michael Zane:
I’ve got good news and bad news.
Jesse Waingrow:
What’s the good news?
Michael Zane:
Your mom’s in the trunk.
Jesse Waingrow:
What’s the bad news?
Michael Zane:
She’s still alive.

Federal Marshal Quigley:
Either quit smoking or get a new lighter.

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