Daniel Stern, Patricia Richardson, James Caan

PG 13 | 2001

Drama  Crime  Comedy

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Dead Simple

Strange things happen in the middle of nowhere.

Dead Simple movie poster

97 min

Frank Jacobs operates the Middle O’America Motel and dreams of making it big as a country singer. Unfortunately for him, he lives in the motel with his extremely uptight and haughty wife, Helen.

Frank’s luck changes when local country legend Roy Baker and his sidekick vocalist, Julie, ride into town to perform a show. The two have a bust-up and Frank saves the day and rescues the lovely blonde. From here the story takes on more twists and turns as Frank desperately tries to save the day.

Directed By:

Jason Bloom

Written By:

Richard Uhlig, Steve Seitz


Daniel Stern, Patricia Richardson, James Caan, Lacey Kohl, Sherry Stringfield

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