Charlie Sheen, Christopher McDonald, David Sherrill

R | 1999

Comedy  Drama

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95 min

It would seem to be a deliriously happy day for Chris Martin. He has just announced to his friends that he will be marrying the lovely woman whom he has been involved with.

Being the fifth and final guy in a pack of male chums to tie the knot causes his four mates to muse about their own private lives and advise Chris on his future. As he learns why the other marriages didn’t work out, the revelations start to cause friction between this closely knit group of friends.

Directed By:

David Michael O’Neill

Written By:

David Michael O’Neill, David Sherrill (screenplay)


Charlie Sheen, Christopher McDonald, David Sherrill, Jeff Cesario, Tia Carrere


[On whether it is better to be a man or a woman] Women can change their minds anytime they want with no justification and no explanation. Just… [snaps his fingers]
Oh yeah, point taken. That’s gotta be cool.

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