Harvey Keitel, Kelly Lynch, Fairuza Balk, Chris Penn, Vincent D’Onofrio

PG | 1994

Drama  Biography

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Imaginary Crimes

When a father doesn’t live up to his dreams… a daughter has to stand up for hers.


107 min

Ray Weller is a charmer who could sell cookies to Girl Scouts. He knows he’ll strike it rich if he just keeps hustling. What he doesn’t know is that his pie-in-the-sky schemes are separating him from the family he so dearly loves.

Harvey Keitel leads a marvelous cast, portraying Ray in a quietly powerful performance hailed as “fresh,” “devastating,” and “nothing short of remarkable.” A touching portrayal of love; a terrific, exquisite, eloquent movie.

Directed By:

Anthony Drazan

Written By:

Sheila Ballantyne (book), Kristine Johnson (screenplay)


Harvey Keitel, Kelly Lynch, Fairuza Balk, Chris Penn, Vincent D’Onofrio, Diane Baker, Amber Benson, Elisabeth Moss


Sonya Weiler:
I used to wonder if a con man were capable of genuine love, and if that love could cancel out all his crimes, real and imaginary.

Sonya Weiler:
Never has a man less equipped for parenthood tried so hard.

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