John Ritter, Pam Dawber, Jeffrey Jones, Eugene Levy

R | 1992

Comedy  Fantasy

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Stay Tuned

Something weird’s on the air.


88 min

The Knables, a nice, ordinary family, who sign up for a 24-hour trial on a new television network, are drawn in – literally – to become part of its diabolical programming.

The entire family must use every ounce of daring and ingenuity they can muster to outwit the evil programmer, and return to watching the tube – instead of living it.

Directed By:

Peter Hyams

Written By:

Tom S. Parker (screenplay) & Jim Jennewein (screenplay), Tom S. Parker (story) & Jim Jennewein (story) & Richard Siegel (story)


John Ritter, Pam Dawber, Jeffrey Jones, Eugene Levy, David Tom, Heather McComb, Bob Dishy, Joyce Gordon


Helen Knable:
[to Roy] Oh, you’ll get us out? Your leadership skills couldn’t get us out of a T-shirt!

Roy Knable:
Boy, this is strange!
Helen Knable:
Strange? I’m an animated rodent wearing high-heel running shoes. The word “strange” is somehow lacking.

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