George C. Scott, Scott Wilson, Ed Flanders, Jason Miller

R | 1990

Horror  Mystery  Thriller

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The Exorcist III

The horror is Legion.


110 min

A woman crawls by unnoticed – on the ceiling like a fly. A long-dead killer claims victim after victim. Flames erupt, snakes slither, the ground opens and reveals a writhing pit of the damned. The evil is back.

The creative force whose novel and Oscar winning screenplay shaped the trail-blazing The Exorcist has returned. Adapting his novel “Legion,” William Peter Blatty writes and directs a jolting foray into terror that begins where the first film ended.

Directed By:

Renny Harlin

Written By:

William Peter Blatty (screenplay), William Peter Blatty (novel)


George C. Scott, Scott Wilson, Ed Flanders, Jason Miller, Nicol Williamson, Brad Dourif, Nancy Fish


Dt. Kinderman:
Are you Damien Karras?
Aahh, you haven’t any medical records for him, have you? No tedious fingerprints?

Patient X:
I have dreams… of a rose, and then of falling down a long flight of steps.

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