Five Aces


Genre: Comedy, Drama
Director: David Michael O’Neill
Writer: David Michael O’Neill, David Sherrill (screenplay)
Cast: Charlie Sheen, Christopher McDonald, David Sherrill, Jeff Cesario, Tia Carrere, Michael McGrady

Chris Martin (Charlie Sheen) has a problem: his impending marriage. Like any other man about to enter into the holy vows of matrimony, Chris has begun to second-guess himself. Is married life what he really wants? While his bride-to-be takes care of the wedding plans, Chris returns to the neighborhood of his youth to consider his married future and to spend one last week of his bachelorhood with his four high school buddies: Ray (David Sherrill), Ash (Christopher McDonald), Todd (Jeff Cesario), and Sean (Michael McGrady).

Together, the reunited “Five Aces” enjoy a funny, bittersweet week reminiscing about a time when they all had the answers… only nothing turned out the way they planned. As events unfold, the “Five Aces” begin to realize exactly what life and friends mean to each other.

Ray Vanowen: [On whether it is better to be a man or a woman] “Women can change their minds anytime they want with no justification and no explanation. Just…” [Snaps his fingers]
Ash Gray: “Oh yeah, point taken. That’s gotta be cool.”