Genre: Action
Director: Jim Wynorski
Writer: Steve Latshaw
Cast: Matt McCoy, Glenn Plummer, Corbin Bernsen, Dartanyan Edmonds, Bean Miller


After a violent cover mission, the elite Army Rangers have brought home a terrorist bomber to face justice. But the battle has just begun for Captain Scott Broughton (Matt McCoy) and his band of commandos. Left to die on the bomber mission, one of Broughton’s CIA operatives (Glenn Plummer) seeks revenge on the spymasters who betrayed him.

Aided by a crafty senator (Corbin Bernsen), the Rangers combat more hidden traitors and a final invasion of terrorists, determined to free their leader. The stakes are sky-high in this action-packed thriller, as Broughton and his men use their sits and firepower to defend honor, country, and justice.