The Crush

In Development

Created By: Christina Welsh

Executive Producers: James G. Robinson, David Robinson, Barbara Wall
Production Company: Morgan Creek Entertainment

Format: Noir drama thriller series based on the film The Crush

Adrian Forrester is young, beautiful, multi-talented, the apple of her adoring father’s eye.  Adrian has everything a person could ever want.  Except a conscience.  The Crush:  Tales of Love and Obsession, Season 1 puts the concept of obsession under a microscope when an ambitious investigative journalist slips into Tampa Florida to write a provocative expose about her father.  Adrian finds herself increasingly drawn to this handsome crusader-for-good and quickly deploys all her prodigious talents to ensure her romantic happiness, no matter the cost.  But nothing is what it seems, and no one comes away unscathed.  Equal parts Black Widow and Lolita, Adrian’s chameleon nature and natural cunning make her a lethal force to be reckoned with.  But has Adrian met her match?  This series asks – is there a difference between love and obsession, and in the end, how far will you go to get what you want?