Joe Tanto (Sylvester Stallone) is a talented veteran driver forced to confront his past when he's called out of retirement to mentor a talented but unfocused rooking contender, Jimmy Bly (Kip Pardue). Jimmy's destructive behavior includes pursuing the girlfriend, Sophia Simone (Estella Warren), of his primary racing rival Beau Brandenburg (Til Schweiger). To drive Jimmy back to the top of the rankings, Joe must first deal with the emotional scars left over from a tragic racing accident which nearly took his life.
In 1975, refugee camps were set up across the deserts of the United States to house an exodus of over one hundred thousand Vietnamese immigrants before and immediately after the fall of Saigon. When Tai (Duong Don) arrives at Camp Pendleton, he is confronted by a camp filled with despair. Jim Lance (Patrick Swayze) is the Marine in charge of housing the refugees until sponsors can be found to help them assimilate into American life. Lance quickly commissions Tai, who speaks English, to translate for him. Prepare to embark on a remarkable journey as an unlikely bond of friendship is formed between two men from opposite sides of one of the world's most infamous and bloodiest wars.
Romulus Ledbetter (Samuel L. Jackson) is a misunderstood musician turned troglodyte hiding from personal demons in a New York City cave. When Romulus finds the frozen body of a young drifter in a tree, the authorities - including his police officer daughter Lulu (Aunjanue Ellis) - claim the death is accidental. Romulus is convinced the man was murdered by prominent art photographer David Leppenraub (Colm Feore). But how can Romulus prove he's right when everyone thinks he's insane? Determined to discover the truth, Romulus manages to get an invitation through a former friend to perform one of his compositions at Leppenraub’s farm. What unfolds thereafter is a twisted tale of mystery, deception and a man’s struggle against his own mind.
The night he retires as a Nevada sheriff, Jerry Black (Jack Nicholson) pledges to the mother of a murdered girl that he will find her killer. Jerry doesn’t believe the police arrested the right man. He discovers that this is the third incident in the area where the victims are young, blonde, pretty, and small for their age. In his quest to find the killer, Jerry forms a relationship with a local mother and her daughter, all the more reason to find the man responsible before he strikes again.
Vegas mobster, Jack Carter (Sylvester Stallone), returns to Seattle for his brother's funeral. While home, Carter realizes that his brother's death was not accidental, but a murder. With this knowledge, Carter sets out to kill all those responsible.