Rebellious teenager Rachel (Lindsay Lohan) screams, swears, drinks and is – in a word – uncontrollable. With her latest car crash, Rachel has broken the final rule in her mom, Lilly’s (Felicity Huffman) San Francisco home. With nowhere else to take the impulsive and rambunctious girl, Lilly hauls her daughter to the one place she swore she would never return … her mother’s Idaho farm. Matriarch Georgia (Jane Fonda) is not your typical sweet and doting grandmother. She lives her life by a number of unbreakable rules, demanding that anyone she invites into her home do the same. Now saddled with raising Rachel, Georgia's patience will be put to the test. Rachel's journey will lead all three women to revelations of buried secrets and an understanding that, no matter what happens, the family ties that bind them will never be broken.
Tom Dobbs (Robin Williams) has made his career out of skewering politicians and speaking the mind of the exasperated nation on his talk show. Dobbs cracked scathing jokes at a fractured system night after night...until he came up with a funny idea: why not run for president himself? Dobbs ignites a grassroots movement that puts him on the ballot. Hot on the campaign trail, he debates elected drones and says exactly what frustrated voters have often thought. The muckraker wins – only to learn that a computer voting error gave him the victory. With time ticking on the inaugural clock, Dobbs has a big decision to make: should he go back behind the mike or stay in the Oval Office?
Paul Kerr (Craig Ferguson), a washed-up 80’s pop star, suddenly finds new direction in life when he discovers that he has a teenage daughter, Olivia (Charlotte Church), as the result of a weekend affair in a small town years ago. He goes back to the town, unsettling the life of his ex-lover, while inspiring his newfound daughter to follow in his footsteps with a musical career of her own, against the wishes of her mother, Rebecca (Jemma Redgrave).
Jamal Jeffries (Miguel A. Nunez Jr.), the reigning ‘bad boy’ of basketball, gets kicked out of the league without any prospects due to his undisciplined on-court antics. Financially strapped, Jamal comes up with a plan so outrageous it just might work: dress up like a woman and try out for the women's basketball league. To Jamal's surprise, he makes it, but now the real challenge begins, to cease being Jamal and start a new life as, Juwanna Mann. Matters become even more complicated when Juwanna realizes that he is falling for his teammate Michelle (Vivica A. Fox), who shows him that there is more to women than meets the eye.
Frank O'Brien (Denis Leary), a likable blue-collar chump, is commissioned by his cousin to steal a painting. He brings along his long-suffering girlfriend, Roz (Sandra Bullock), hoping that the few days they spend on an upscale New England island will rejuvenate their relationship. Instead, things go very wrong in this sharp-edged romantic comedy.