A skilled band of criminals develops a plan to pull off a daring heist in a Las Vegas casino during the International Elvis Convention. Dressed to the nines as Elvis impersonators and armed with ammunition, everything was going according to plan until, all of a sudden, the deal goes bad.
Oz Oseransky (Matthew Perry), a miserable suburban dentist, is terrified when he finds out a former mob hitman from Chicago, Jimmy "The Tulip" Tudeski (Bruce Willis), has moved next door to him. When Oz tells his greedy wife about their new neighbor, she forces him to go to Chicago to sell the hitman’s location to the mobsters he betrayed.
The peace and quiet of a tiny tropical atoll in the South Pacific is shattered when a cover scientific-military research operation, code name "Elvis", goes terribly wrong. Leaving alive only the scientist behind the formula and the now disgraced officer in charge - the former out to protect the world from his creation, and the latter, out for revenge. Ten years later, two young men Arlo (Cuba Gooding Jr.) and Tim Mason (Skeet Ulrich) are in the wrong place at the wrong time and are entrusted with "Elvis." Pursued by assassins who would do anything to claim "Elvis," Arlo and Tim are propelled on the most unexpected and dangerous journey of their lives to return "Elvis" to a military base before time runs up.
Chris Martin (Charlie Sheen) has a problem: his impending marriage. Like any other man about to enter into the holy vows of matrimony, Chris has begun to second-guess himself. Is married life what he really wants? While his bride-to-be takes care of the wedding plans, Chris returns to the neighborhood of his youth to consider his married future and to spend one last week of his bachelorhood with his four high school buddies: Ray (David Sherrill), Ash (Christopher McDonald), Todd (Jeff Cesario), and Sean (Michael McGrady). Together, the reunited "Five Aces" enjoy a funny, bittersweet week reminiscing about a time when they all had the answers... only nothing turned out the way they planned. As events unfold, the "Five Aces" begin to realize exactly what life and friends mean to each other.
Academy Award winner Kevin Spacey (American Beauty) and Danny DeVito (Get Shorty) star in this humorous story of three industrial lubricant salesmen, at a convention where anything can happen, and careers can be made or ruined on a handshake. Now, with their futures on the line, they must put their trust in a greenhorn sales rep (Peter Facinelli) as they pursue the ultimate sale, "The Big Kahuna."